3D Printing for Promotional Products

3D printing is the perfect method for creating small runs of branded products to advertise your business. Normally promotional products are purchased in large quantities and your business may not yet be at that stage. Custom printed key rings or key chains are very popular and can be printed as personal names for your staff or your business name to giveaway to employees.

Reasons to 3D print Promotional Products

1. Prototyping - avoid making costly mistakes by refining your product with 3d printed versions until you get it right. No one wants to mass produce thousand of key rings with the wrong name or logo!

2. Customisation - you can create your own unique corporate gift instead of choosing a stocked inventory item to help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Time & Cost - if you are only printing a small number of items, then a locally 3D printed promo gift will save you time and money. No costly setup costs and waiting for overseas deliveries.

So why not give it a go using our X3D filament which comes in so many colours and materials!


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