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It is now that time again where many business and 3D printing enthusiasts can score huge deals and discounts on 3D printers, filaments, accessories, and more at X3D! This year, X3D certainly does not disappoint as we’re going bigger and better in our EOFY sale this month. Read on to find out our best 3D printing bargains for June.

1. 25% off on X3D Pro Recycled PLA

The X3D Pro Recycled PLA is currently discounted at 25% off until 14 June. This sustainable filament is made of residual extrusion waste that has been upcycled to a high-end and high-performing 3D printer material. It has been engineered to perform just as well as our regular X3D Pro PLA but with significantly less environmental impact.

2. Discounts on select Polymaker filaments

Polymaker 3D printer filaments are some of the best materials on the market. For the entire month of June, we are putting the bestselling Polymaker filaments on sale! If you haven’t tried them out yet, now’s the perfect time with our great discounts on PLA, ABS, PETG, and ASA. EOFY will be the only time we will be putting them on sale, so grab them before they run out.

3. 10% off on Flashforge Printers and Accessories

Flashforge 3D printers are the best choice for 3D printing prosumers and hobbyists, schools, and small businesses. If you want to expand your 3D printing lab or simply adopt the technology into their daily operations, now’s the perfect time to do it with our 10% off on Flashforge printers and accessories. Take your pick between Adventurer 3 V2, Creator Pro 2, or Guider IIs V2. If you want to upgrade or replace the parts, you can also check out our Flashforge accessories that are also on sale.


4. Up to $500 off on Ultimaker 3D printers

Now, if you want the ultimate 3D printers available, check out our Ultimaker 3D printers on sale! Ultimaker is the best 3D printer brand in the world and as such, their 3D printers rarely go on sale. Take advantage of the rare times that they are. Get as much as $500 off on our Ultimaker 3D printers including, the Ultimaker 2+Connect, Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5, and Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. You won't find these prices anywhere else. 

5. Free gift for every purchase of Sunlu UV Curing Lightbox

Curing is a necessary step when resin printing. Make this step easier while also getting a free resin bottle gift when you buy the Sunlu UV Resin Curing Light Box. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides even curing to resin prints. Promo runs until supplies last. 

6. Bargain bin of filaments and resins

We are passionate about making 3D printing accessible for everyone. This is why we keep our prices low and regularly discount them even lower to give struggling hobbyists a chance to try out different materials. For our regular deals, you can check out our regularly updated X3D Bargain Bin. Currently, we have put the following items on sale: 

  • X3D Pro Resins at 20% off
  • X3D Pro Nylon (now at $35)
  • X3D Pro Glow ABS (now at $20)
  • X3D Pro Wood (now at $39)
  • X3D Pro PLA 3.00mm per piece and bundle (now at $19.95 and $49 respectively)
  • X3D Pro ABS 3.00mm bundle (now at $60)
  • X3D Pro Marble (now at $19.95)

7. More discounts and deals to come for the month of June

Keep your eyes peeled for bigger and greater deals to come until the end of the month. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements. 

Get great value for your money when you shop at the X3D EOFY Sale!

Take advantage of great deals and even greater savings with our X3D EOFY Sale! For inquiries, you can contact us through phone or email. 

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