Popular Uses for PETG 3D Printer Filaments


PETG is a thermoplastic that is popular for creating water bottles and food packaging. In 3D printing, it is not limited to just those. One will be surprised to know that PETG filaments are just as diverse as PLA. However, PETG trumps PLA in terms of strength, temperature tolerance, weather and heat resistance, and transparency. If you’re looking for 3D printing ideas for your PETG filaments, check out our list of cool PETG 3D prints! 

1. Planters 

Since PETG has excellent weather and heat-resistance, it will be the perfect filament for planters and other gardening tools. Here are just a few examples that you can print with PETG. 

Square Pot by Adrian3D2020

Self-watering Planter 3 by O3D

Bonsai Planter (New HD Model with over 1,100,000 Triangles) by gCreate

2. Water bottles & drinkware

PETG is an ideal material to use for water bottles and drinkware. You no longer have to shell out money to buy these items if you have a 3D printer and PETG filaments. 



Cat drinking pond by JohK


Big StrawGlass - Practical by bLITzJoN

3. Food containers/packaging

PETG is one of the few filaments that are safe enough to use for food containers and accessories. Here are food containers and accessories you can print with PETG. 


Bag Clip with Screw Cap - new version! by Minkix


Maths cookie cutter set by mrbenbritton


Customizable Fully Parametric Dog / Cat Food Bowl by marcsulf

4. Mechanical components

PETG-printed components have solid physical strength and impact resistance, allowing them to withstand wear and tear. Here are tools you can print out with PETG. 


3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon by TheGoofy


Drill bit sharpener by mgx



5. Remote-controlled toys 

PETG can serve as an alternative to PLA. So if you’re an RC toy enthusiast, you can effectively use PETG to create your toys and their components. 


RC Speed Tank by Bryant87


FRAME 260 by raulgt72

6. Accessories

PETG can also create fashion accessories that can elevate your style. Here are the things you can create to shake up your outfit. 

Belt by printschnitzel.at


PLA/PETG WATCH V. 3.0 by An3a Design

Start printing with PETG today!

You may not know that PETG is a strong, versatile, and thermal-resistant filament that can create a wide variety of things, but you do now! Time to go out of your comfort zone and try 3D printing with PETG filaments today. For inquiries, you can call or email us

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