10 Coolest 3D Prints for October

October is about to end and so we wanted to show you the coolest 3D print designs we found this month! From household items to toys and games, we’ve rounded up the Top 3D Print Ideas for October. 

1. Sponge Holder (SpongeBob-Shaped) Kitchen Sink Suction Holder for Sponge by baekgongbang

Do you dread cleaning? Make it a bit more fun with this SpongeBob-shaped sponge holder. You can attach a suction cup to make it stick by the kitchen sink. To prevent moulds and other icky flora from building up, it also has drain holes at the bottom. The designer recommends using white, brown, yellow, and black filaments, which you can buy from our X3D Pro PLA filament line. 

2. Scissor Paint Rack by fhuable

If you find yourself constantly misplacing your airbrush paints or rolling down the desk, check out this paint organiser! Called the Scissor Paint Rack, it was created by fhuable who designed it to be able to be hung on the wall or expanded on the desk. 

3. Planet Saturn 9 cm diameter by Ismael_017

I bet you’ve never seen Saturn this up close until you print this Saturn lamp. It is designed to look realistic with hyper-detailed features, such as the Cassini division, gas clouds above the planet, and Encke Division (ring with a diameter at the edge of the model). All you need is a 16-ton RGB LED board and black and white PLA (you can shop for our bestselling X3D Pro PLA here)

4. Toilet paper holder - 100% Printed by kurdt62

This amazing toilet paper holder is 100% 3D printed! It is also easy to assemble with different parts labelled accordingly by the creator. Butterfly seals hold all the hexagons together. The designer recommends using black PLA and wood PLA. Shop for X3D Pro Wood here (now on sale at $10 off).

5. Egg storage - save space in the fridge! by Hartvik.

Want a space-saving egg storage in your fridge? This 3D-printed egg tray is designed to be stackable so that it could free up space in your fridge. It is also easy to print and doesn’t require support. 

6. Tulip Vase by Streetfire_Industries

This beautiful tulip vase is sure to be an interesting conversation piece in any room or desk. It could also be given away as a gift. The creator recommends using epoxy to make it water-tight. 

7. Flexi Puppy by kendofuji

This cute and flexible puppy is not just a toy. Mr Pawpaw is masquerading as a phone holder but is actually a detective of IT security by night. It may not be true but it still makes for a cute phone stand and  toy for your desk. It is a print-in-place model, meaning that it doesn’t require support and assembly. 

8. Piano Table by alex_boem

Regardless of how big your printer is, you can print this retractable piano table. You can choose how high it’s going to be by winding up or down the tabletop part to your preferred height. 

9. TELESCOPING Telescoping Chess Set (PRINT-IN-PLACE) by KaziToad

Each piece of this chess piece set is retractable for easy storage. As these are print-in-place models, they are ready to use out of the 3D printer. They don’t require support, assembly, and complex post-processing. 

10. Pulp It! - Recycled Cardboard Molds by flowalistik

Pulp It! is an eco-friendly project that consists of moulds that reshape and upcycle recycled cardboard into different things, such as pen holders and trays, trinket boxes, coasters, and more. 

Create unique and useful items with our top 3D prints for October!

If you found yourself stuck in a rut with your 3D printing projects, reinvigorate your passion with these cool 3D prints! For inquiries and filament recommendations, you can contact us by phone and email

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