EasyFix Adhesive - Number 6 (for Nylon)

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Perfect for Nylon Filaments

general purpose build plate adhesive which is specifically engineered to work with Polyamide (nylon) filaments. 

EasyFix adhesives are engineered to glue firmly to a heated build plate, making an object stick firmly to the build plate. On the other hand it also has excellent release properties when the build plate is cold. This makes it very easy to remove a printed object from the build plate while reducing the risk of damaging the build plate and printed object in the process.

How to use EasyFix 3D printing adhesives:

There is an EasyFix adhesive solution for 3D printing with nearly any type of 3D printer filament.

  1. Shake the bottle with EasyFix well before using. Make sure that the build plate of your 3D printer is clean and at room temperature before applying EasyFix to the print bed of your 3D printer.
  2. Press the applicator sponge down onto the build plate in order for the EasyFix 3D printing adhesive to saturate the applicator sponge.
  3. Let the EasyFix adhesive gradually saturate the applicator sponge. Never squeeze the bottle!


When the applicator sponge is saturated you can start applying the EasyFix adhesive evenly on the printable surface of the build plate of your 3D printer. Make sure that your 3D printer's z-height is correct before starting your 3D print. The EasyFix adhesive will stick firmly when your build plate is heated up. 

Wait till the print platform of your 3D printer is cooled down to room temperature before removing your 3D printed object. EasyFix 3D printing adhesives have excellent release properties making your 3D printed object come loose from the 3D printer's build platform when cooled down.

If it still is difficult to remove the 3D printed object you can apply a small amount of warm water to the printed object and the print surface. Let the water creep underneath the 3D printed object before slowly removing it.

A build platform that is prepared with EasyFix adhesive can be used for multiple 3D prints.

Instructions on how to use Easyfix adhesive

Storing your EasyFix adhesives:

EasyFix 3D printing adhesives should be stored upright in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. It is important to store your EasyFix buildplate adhesive in an upright position, so the applicator sponge cannot be saturated with EasyFix while being stored. Please do make sure that the screw cap of your EasyFix adhesive is closed. This will prevent the applicator sponge from drying up. The applicator sponge can be rinsed with tap water in case it has dried up with EasyFix.  

Cleaning the build plate of your 3D printer:

Rinse the build plate with warm water to wash off any excess adhesive. Alternatively, you can use a cloth or a sponge soaked in warm water to do so.

Find the Safety Data Sheet here


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    Brian M
    The only choice for Nylon

    Have tested this with X3D nylon and other brands with great success on a heated glass bed. Also works well with Nylon Glass and CarbonFibre mixes.

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