Layers not aligning

Are the layers not aligning well?

Each layer is printed well, however, you’ll find that they are misaligned. The sidewalls have layers jutting out like they have been stacked haphazardly. You’ll notice that it only affects the print in one direction. Just like the issue above, it is caused by loose parts.


Layer misalignment can be fixed by checking the parts of your 3D printer for any looseness.

  • Clean and oil the rods: If you experience resistance when moving the print head, it could be that the rods are insufficiently oiled or dirty with buildup. They just require wiping down and oiling to get them back to shape.
  • Tighten the belts: Ensure that the belts are sufficiently tight. It should just be enough to feel a slight resistance when you pinch the two belts together. If one belt is tighter than the other, then they need more tightening.
  • Inspect for bent rods: Bent or misaligned rods can cause print heads to fail at some points. Turn off the 3D printer and move the print head through the X- and Y-axis. If you feel resistance, check if the rods are aligned. By removing them and rolling them on a flat surface, it would be obvious if they are bent.
    • With 3D printers that use threaded rods, it is quite common for the rods to be misshapen. You can check by using a control software to move the print head. If the rods are bent, it is time to replace them.
  • Tighten the drive pulley: They can be found either connected to a stepper motor or one of the main rods. Hold the attached belt and rod and give them a tug to make the pulley turn. If there is slippage between the pulley and rod or stepper, tighten the grub screw near the pulley.
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