Are the bridges stringy or messy

Are the bridges stringy or messy?

Bridges are tricky to print as there is a considerable stretch of a gap between two raised points. While most filaments can print bridges without any hitch, outside factors can deter it from doing so. If you notice that you can’t even print a short bridge, it is time to inspect your printer or design.


There are several ways to solve this problem.

  • Add a support structure: Just like with any overhanging parts, make sure that there is a support structure to bear the weight of the upper layer.
  • Test your printer’s capabilities: Some printers can print long bridges just fine. Find out if your machine can do that by checking how long it can go. Start by printing a 5cm bridge and eventually increasing by 5 cms.
  • Raise the fan speed: The faster that the extruded filament cools, the longer the bridge it can build.
  • Slow down the extrusion speed: On the other hand, a slower extrusion speed helps the filament to set down and cool as it prints the length of the bridge. This prevents sagging or ruining the hanging parts.
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