Is your print looking weak and wrong?

We’re not just talking about the design of your model. If your design is meant to look beautiful, yet your print feels and looks like it has been beaten with an ugly stick several times over, it means that there are aspects of your print that can only exist in the 3D space and not in the real world.


It can only be fixed by tweaking your design to make it adapt to the real world.

  • Update your slicer software program: Non-manifold edges are the main causes of oddly shaped prints. The latest slicer software ensures that designs are print-ready.
  • Inspect the design through layer view: Layer view gives you a thorough view of your model so that you can see the issues that it might have upon printing.
  • Fix intersecting models: If you have two or more intersecting or overlapping objects in your design, make sure that you merge, subtract, or intersect them with the use of the proper Boolean function.
  • Fix the model before loading into slicer software: Before anything else, make sure that you run your design through a modeling software to check for problems.