Is the print surface covered with web-like strings?

If your print surface looks like a spider threw up filament on it, there could be extra drippage from the nozzle.


Solving stringing can be as advanced as tweaking the settings for travel or enabling traction or as simple as just trimming off the unsightly strings.

  • Trim the strings: If you don’t want to redo your print, you could simply just trim off the strings by using a scalpel.
  • Activate Retraction: Retraction prevents the filament from dripping even after the head has already moved on. It retracts the filament back into the nozzle.
  • Lessen the minimum travel (mm) parameter: If the standard retraction feature still doesn’t fix the problem, you can reduce the minimum travel setting. Keep subtracting in 0.5mm increments until everything’s okay.