Echoes or ripples (ringing) on the print surface

Echoes are not just auditory. You can also find them and ripples (or what the 3D printing community call ringing) on your 3D prints, which are caused by the vibrations and speed of your machine while printing. It is normal for a printer to vibrate while printing due to the motors and gears working hard. However, most 3D printers are made to minimise the vibration, albeit not completely eliminate it. These little vibrations can still cause minor distortions in the print surface from time to time. You can choose to just accept them as a defining character of your print or totally do away with them by taking the following steps below.


The important thing to do is minimise vibrations. Here are ways you can do that:

  •  Place the printer on a stable surface: Rickety tables can make the vibrations that much worse. Make sure that the printer is steady by putting them on a strong and sturdy surface.
  •  Inspect the parts of the printer: Make sure that everything is nice and tight in your printer. Loose bearings and bolts do a lot in ruining the print quality. If need be, replace the linear bearings in order for the printer to run smoothly.
  •  Oil up the rods: Dirty and unlubricated rods can add to the vibrations of the printer.
  •  Reduce the speed: Speed is another factor that can worsen the vibration of your machine. Slow down the printing. You can also tweak the firmware acceleration settings to adjust the speed of the head during printing.
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