Printer Bed Adhesives

6 Hottest 3D Printer Bed Adhesives in the Market

Some filaments (ABS etc) can have problems sticking to the bed or curl, warp, leading to misshapen and wasted prints. So, what’s the secret to preventing this from happening? 3D printer bed adhesives ! They make sure that the 3D prints don’t budge during printing. Here are the six best 3D printer bed adhesives to keep your 3D models coming out great.



Buildtak is a 3D printing surface material that is resistant to heat. It adheres to print beds easily and has a wide range of sizes to fit your FDM 3D printer, such as BuildTak 8 × 8, BuildTak 8 × 10, and BuildTak 10 × 10. It is compatible with most 3D printing filaments. It is reusable regardless of the filaments used consecutively.


Dimafix – Print Bed Adhesive Pen


Dimafix – Print Bed Adhesive Pen is a strong adhesive that bonds the first layer of large-scale models to the build plate when it reaches the temperature of 60ºC. Once the build plate cools down, the glue becomes inactive, making the prints easily removable. The Dimafix Pen is also soluble by water, making it easy to clean from the plate.


PVA Glue Sticks

Sometimes, common glues can serve as 3D printer bed adhesives as well. PVA glue sticks are usually used on papers, wood, fabrics and more. But you can also use this in order to keep your 3D object in place. However, you have to take caution not to put on too much or else the print bed will become too sticky that the prints would get stuck.

ABS Slurry

If you prefer to concoct your own adhesive at a cheaper rate, you can! ABS slurry is a mixture of ABS filament and professional-grade acetone that works best with larger-scaled prints. Here’s how you can make a DIY ABS slurry.


  • 75 ml-1 L glass jar
  • ABS filament (1.75 or 3 mm)
  • Professional-grade acetone


  1. Pour 500 ml of the acetone into the clean glass.
  2. Add 50 g of the ABS filament.
  3. Seal jar immediately (as acetone easily evaporates) and shake hard for five minutes.
  4. While you’re doing this, open the jar every now and then to let out the gas.
  5. Let it stand for 12 hours or until everything dissolves.
  6. Your ABS slurry should look goopy.

Easy-Peelzy Plate

Easy-Peelzy Plate is a soft and flexible 3D printing platform that becomes sticky during the printing process, but loses its adhesion once the print bed cools down. It fits on any printer. Unfortunately, it’s still in the development stage with only a few prototypes released last fall to those who donated to their Kickstarter page. Keep your eyes peeled for its release.

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3D printer bed adhesives are necessities in order for your prints not to move during the printing process or to stick while cooling down. Check out X3D’s wide collection of 3D printer bed adhesives. If you have any printing-related questions, you can contact us through email at

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