ABS vs ASA - Weather Resistance

Two tough 3D printer filaments battle it out as the toughest against the harsh elements of the weather

ASA is commonly known for its UV, weather, and heat resistance, which is why they make the best garden ornaments, exterior automotive components, and outdoor signages. However, ASA costs a bit more than other 3D printer filaments. So for those who are looking for a more budget-friendly option turn to ABS filaments.

As one of the classics, ABS also boasts excellent heat resistance and durability. Despite these qualities, it is hard to wield due to its host of printing issues. It also wears out against extreme conditions eventually and discoloration of white prints under the exposure of the sun.

So, with these issues is ABS still a worthy competition of ASA? Or is ASA on a whole different playing field? Read more to find out.

UV Resistance

ABS and ASA are both UV-resistant and capable of standing strong against the UV rays of the sun. That said, ASA trumps ABS in this department as the former doesn’t experience discoloration and turns yellow due to UV radiation.

h3 Winner: ASA

Weather Resistance

ABS doesn’t stand a chance against ASA in this aspect. Don’t get us wrong, ABS still has moderate resistance against the harsh elements of weather, but it does get deformed over time under extreme weather conditions. So if you’ll be creating outdoor components that will be constantly exposed to the sun, wind, rain, and snow, ASA is a better choice.

Winner: ASA

Form Retention

ABS seems to be on the losing end of this battle since ASA is the clear winner here once again as it never deforms or goes yellow no matter how long it’s left out under the sun. As we’ve mentioned above, ABS is unable to keep its shape over time.

Winner: ASA

Order ASA, the weather-resistant champion!

While it may look like ASA is the clear winner here, there are only minimal differences between the two. The only thing to keep in mind is what you’ll be using the 3D printer filament for. If you’ll be creating filaments used for indoors, it’s better to stick with ABS. On the other hand, outdoor applications are better off with ASA. If you want to browse our collection of ASA, check here. For our ABS offerings, check out our range here. For any inquiries, contact us on (08) 6380 7488 or x3d@x3d.com.au.