Guide to Styx-12 Nylon Filament

Get to know FormFutura’s Styx-12 Nylon Filament better


When you hear of nylon filaments, you probably have nightmares of their printing difficulty, extreme hygroscopic-ness, and warping. But that is not the case with FormFutura’s Styx-12 Nylon. Read more to find out about this wonder nylon that breaks the mould. 

What is the Styx-12 Nylon?

FormFutura’s Styx-12 is an industrial PA12 grade nylon filament that does away with the cons normally associated with other nylon filaments. It is characterised by its superb mechanical properties, including high impact, crack, and scratch resistance. It is also flexible, chemical-resistant, weather and UV-resistant, and dimensional stable.

It also produces good first layer adhesion, especially when used with BuildTak, DimaFix, and EasyFix.

Here are the features that make it different from the rest:

  • Lower water absorption: Moisture is the bane of nylon filaments. However, Styx-12 has lower water absorption compared to other nylons at 3.5% gravimetric. 
  • Requires lower print temperatures: The Styx-12 can be printed at a minimum of 240°C. Most nylons require higher extruder temperatures near 250ºC. This is difficult for some 3D printer models as they do not reach this temperature. 

Tips & Tricks for Printing with the Styx-12 Nylon

1. Keep it as dry as possible

Don’t leave it to chance no matter how air-tight the container where you store your Styx-12 Nylon. Before printing with the Styx-12, make sure to dry it first by putting it in a warm air-circulating oven or a filament dryer at 60°c for 24 hours. This will ensure that your filament will perform well during printing and produce high-quality and strong prints.

2. There is such a thing as overdrying

Too much drying can also cause printing issues with the Styx-12. Don’t leave it drying for too long as it will ruin its printing capability. Make sure that you don’t exceed 48 hours of drying at 60°C.

3. Submerge your print in water during post-printing

Moisture can also be the Styx-12’s boon. After printing, soak your print in a bucket of room-temperature water for a few hours or overnight to achieve its full toughness potential.

Get tough yet lightweight prints with the Styx-12 Nylon Filament!

Don’t let your misconceptions about Nylon filaments turn you off from the lightweight and exceptionally tough prints that the Styx-12 Nylon filament can deliver. For inquiries and assistance in printing with the Styx-12, contact us by phone and email.