Useful 3D Printed Household Items

With everyone stuck at home, you can only print so many 3D models until they get old. It’s time to harness the full potential of your 3D printer to good use. If you’re running out of 3D printing ideas to pass the time while in self isolation, here are 10 functional 3D printed items to make life easier at home (via Cults3D and Thingiverse).

1. Toilet Paper Unwinder

If you’ve managed to score toilet paper, then you’re going to need a toilet paper holder. This toilet paper holder has moveable hooks to make putting in and replacing rolls a breeze. All you need are two rubber bands to make it elastic.

2. Watering Bottle

If you’ve started gardening during this period, you may be surprised that you’re not the only one. There’s been a recent gardening boom with supplies running out fast. If you can’t find a watering can, you can turn any PET bottle with this 3D printed item. This watering spout can be attached to any bottle so that you can take care of your little saplings.

3. Meat Hammer

If you like firing up the barbie during this period then this meat hammer is for you. This meat hammer will tenderize your meat so that it becomes juicy and melts in your mouth.

4. Can Handle by 3DBROOKLYN

Do you hate washing the dishes as much as you hate touching an icy cold can when you’re enjoying your brew? Here’s something for you. You can drink your beer can as if it were a mug with this can handle. And once finished just remove the handle and chuck the can straight into the bin.

5. Big StrawGlass – Practical by bLITzJoN

Drinking straws have become more trouble than they’re worth lately. But if you still like using them but don’t want to pollute the environment, you can create this Straw Cup — a straw already built into the cup. Just make sure to use food-safe filaments.

6. Bottle Opener and Cap GUN! by 3Deddy

Hearing the hiss when opening a beer bottle is fun enough. Popping the cap off and shooting it after is even more fun! Print this bottle opener and cap gun to make you feel like a cowboy during these boring times.

7. Ozone – The Ultimate Greenhouse for Your Desktop

Stuck at home working? Liven up your desk with this desktop greenhouse. Desk plants can also reduce stress and increase productivity while working, so they’re not just something to look at.

8. GRAMiPhone by brycelowe

Amplify your iPhone’s speakers without electricity with this GramiPhone. You can adjust the holder’s size depending on your iPhone model and blast music while you’re at home.

9. 3D-printable faucet-to-hose adapter by CreativeTools

It’s hard to find household items like this during the lockdown. If you can’t find them, print them! This 3D printable faucet-to-hose adapter is pretty self-explanatory and allows you to attach a hose to your faucet.

10. Self-Watering Planter (Small) by parallelgoods

You’ll never have to forget watering your plants again with this self-watering plant.

Create functional household items with your 3D printer.

Your 3D printer is not limited to creating models and prototypes. You can also create functional items to make your home life easier. If you need more filaments, stock up on our wide range of bestselling X3D Pro filaments.

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