Useful 3D Printables to Help the Fight against Coronavirus

The whole world has been hit hard by the Coronavirus. Declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, cases have been growing exponentially each day due to how easily the virus spreads from person to person.

How does it spread? Through contact with the germs and bacteria an infected person emits through speaking, sneezing, and coughing. It can also be transmitted if your hand is contaminated with the virus and you touch your face, which is why frequent handwashing and sanitising and avoiding face touching are strongly recommended.

The virus can also live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, which is why frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected. Avoiding touching surfaces in public as much as possible is also advised.

As a 3D printing enthusiast, there is a way that we can prevent the spread of the virus. Even better, there is a new Antibacterial Filament from FormFutura called PLActive! It is made from a patented, scientifically validated and highly effective Nano-Copper additive that eliminates more than 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms. It removes the need for constant sanitisation required and one-time usage of typical protective items.

Whether it’s for our personal use or a donation to high-risk groups such as doctors and the elderly, here are 13 3D printed things that you could create to help the fight against Coronavirus with the use of the new PLActive.

1. Dual filter mask (COVID19, Coronavirus, etc.) by jesimon

There is a critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly face masks. As a result, it has left our medical and healthcare professionals vulnerable to infection. Copper3D has a #HackThePandemic campaign, calling out the 3D printing industry to design an effective face mask for healthcare personnel suffering from the shortage of masks. Chrizz heeded the call and created his version of the mask with dual filters.

Disclaimer: This has not been fully tested and is meant to be a last resort when there are no masks around. Use them at your own risk!

2. Prusa Protective Face Shield – RC3

Face shields are meant to cover the whole face to safeguard the face’s entry points (eyes, nose, and mouth) from being infected. Prusa’s design has been verified by the Czech Ministry of Health and can be used as a preventive measure.

3. Corona Covid-19 helping Hand by Dorithos

This handy object by Dorithos helps you not catch and spread the virus by letting you avoid touching anything outside. It can be used to push buttons, push and pull handles, open doorknobs and more.

4. Goggles for coronavirus by Creality

Another 3D printed PPE that has been improved by 3D printing are these goggles. Creality’s design is meant to be more lightweight and uses better anti-fog and sealing technology. It was used by the medical professionals in Wuhan, the ground zero of the virus.

5. Lid for Dettol No-touch Antibacterial Hand Wash Bottle (Motion Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser, DIY Refills) by mhariclaire

One of the conundrums of having clean hands is that you can’t help but keep touching possibly contaminated items even while washing. With this component, you won’t need to touch your handwash bottle as it is a motion sensor liquid soap dispenser. Now the only thing you have to worry about is how you’ll turn off the tap.

6. Antibacterial button by Yochaa

You can replace the buttons with this antibacterial button to ensure that the virus doesn’t linger on the surface. You can put this on top of door bells, elevators and pedestrian crossing buttons.

7. Coronavirus Protection Mask Holders by Fendrych Design

Not all heads are the same, so it is no surprise that not all masks fit snug. If this is the case for you, create this mask holder so that your mask is secured around your face.

8. Forearm Door Pull Coronavirus COVID-19 by Wyn

You’ll never know who touched the doorknobs in public places with this forearm door pull mechanism. You won’t have to worry about picking up the virus from dirty door knobs and handles again.

9. Soap holder (dry & hygienic) by Baaz

Even though they’re supposed to keep us clean and safe from the virus, soaps can also harbour germs on their surfaces due to being left wet all the time. This soap holder is designed to keep the soap dry and hygienic.

10. Flik – Antibacterial tapping edge for your cards by Labben@Bouvet

ID badges and cards are constantly swiped and exposed to germs and bacteria by various people throughout the day. These 3D printed items protect the edges from contamination.

11. MAKERSENGA mobile ear for pregnancy

Pregnant women are a high-risk group during the outbreak. It can be hard for them to get their regular checkups since the healthcare system is overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients. If it’s not possible to make your checkups, here’s a way to monitor your baby’s growth with the MAKERSENGA mobile ear. It can be used to diagnose fetal health by a trained practitioner or, paired with the end cap microphone, by anyone with the WinSenga software!


Valve respirators are running out in some places as they help patients breathe by mechanically ventilating their lungs. You can help create 3D printed ones with this design.

13. OxyGEN Emergency Respirator

If you’re confident with your skills, you can help create an emergency respirator for your local hospital. It is not advised for personal use since it must be used under the supervision of qualified healthcare personnel.

Help out in the war against Coronavirus in your own way with these 3D printed designs!

You can do your part in the fight against Coronavirus with your 3D printer and the PLActive filament while at home. PLActive is available now on pre-order. .

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