Fun 3D Printing Ideas during Quarantine

While it is necessary to self-isolate at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, many are bored and running out of things to do. Now is a good time to sharpen your 3D printing skills and create designs that will challenge you. Here are 8 useful design ideas that will entertain and help you pass the time.

Flexi-Dragon by Benchy4Life

This dragon is made up of different parts that you need to assemble. Once you’ve put them together, they make awesome desk decor or toy that’ll unleash your inner king (or queen!) of dragons that you could rule your own kingdom with.

The Business Card Embosser System by Filar3D

Most businesses may be at a standstill for the moment but once it goes back to normal, your business can come back with a splash with embossed business cards using this 3D printed embosser system by Filar3D. There are 13 emboss patterns to choose from and you can even create your own if you’re skilled enough.

Coronavirus 3M respirator Toilet Paper Adaptor by Michele

While this is not exactly useful, the Coronavirus 3M respirator with Toilet Paper Adaptor lets you brag about your remaining toilet paper rolls online. If you’re running out of ideas for your TikTok or Snapchat posts, print and wear this to get talked about.

2020 Never Forget – A Holder For A Roll by Elos

With toilet paper becoming a rare commodity these days, you need to treat it like the valuable object that it is and keep it behind a glass cabinet. With this golden toilet paper holder, you’ll be reminded of the struggle and remind you to conserve toilet paper usage for years to come.

Face Mask Hook by LadyLibertyHK


Do you have an unrealistically small head that standard face masks don’t usually fit? Fortunately, LadyLibertyHK has created a hook mechanism that will help you tighten the masks up to fit your head.

Floating Cup (smoother look, foolproof assembly) by bwaslo

Are you obsessed with coffee? Make each coffee break even more fun with these Floating cup decorations by bwaslo. They’ll be a shock to the senses, particularly for neat-freaks, with the spilling design concept of this piece. Good thing, it’s only plastic and not real.

Infinite Torture Cube v2 by z0333

How well do you know your 3D printer? Take the time to get to know its limits during this quarantine with this Infinite Torture Cube! It features a clearance of only 0.1mm between the cubes to make it more difficult for your printer.

Entitled Goose from Untitled Goose Game by gynni

Do you have a family member that keeps losing their keys? They won’t have a reason to lose it anymore with this goose key holder. It looks so cute that your loved one will never forget to put their keys in the right place again. It can also hold other metal items such as screwdrivers and screws.

Create these 3D printing designs for hours of fun!

This is a difficult time for everyone but there is no use sulking at home. Spend more time with your family members, work on your skills, catch up on housework, and entertain yourself with these 3D printed design ideas for the meantime. Keep healthy and stay safe everyone!

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