Benefits of 3D Printing for Architecture & Construction

3D printing technology is being touted as the future of the architecture and construction firms. More and more companies have started adopting technology to great results. It has built some of the world’s high-profile real estate development projects, from tiny homes to multi-level buildings. 

What are the benefits of 3D printing to architecture and construction firms? Read below to find out.

3D Printing Benefits for Architecture

Designing residential and commercial properties requires continuous innovation, patience, and time for iterations. With 3D printing, the art of architecture becomes so much easier.

1. Transform ideas into physical models fast

Architects can now transform their 3D CAD models, no matter how complex, into prototypes. Physical models are important for presenting their ideas to clients and communicating the project within the team. Otherwise, people may have difficulty visualising the design without miniature prototypes.

It used to be that miniature models were painstakingly built by hand. With 3D printers, they could be printed in just a matter of hours to a couple of days, allowing the architects to do something else.

2. Explore different complex structures

Complex structures and shapes can be easily created with 3D modelling and testing their structural integrity by 3D printing them.

Slicer programs can now flag design irregularities and issues even before printing. Therefore, it’s safe to say that if your design doesn’t hold up during 3D printing, it will likely not be good enough to be built.

3. Reuse components and designs

If there are any components and shapes that you would like to produce in large volume or reuse in other concepts, you can easily do so by creating a digital 3D model library of these. It will reduce your time in designing 3D models with these saved designs on your computer.

4. Focus more on designing concepts and iterations

Since 3D printing frees up a lot of time, architects can spend more time developing their concepts and revising their designs. They can also focus more on taking care of the clients and working with all the stakeholders involved. 

3D Printing Benefits for Construction

Aside from prototyping, 3D printing is also useful for building full-sized structures. While large-scale 3D printers are not accessible to most construction companies, it won’t be for long until the technology becomes more widespread, especially with the advantages that it presents.

1. Speed up build time

3D printing technology can build houses faster than traditional construction. It also allows for round-the-clock uptime so that the construction will keep going 24/7.

2. Save on construction materials

Wastage of construction materials is one of the biggest contributors to global waste production. 3D printing is a more eco-friendly option as it uses resources precisely.

3. Improve concrete accuracy

As 3D printing construction is a computerised process, it reduces the margin of error to minuscule amounts and ensures that the design will be exactly translated to the construction. It builds the structure by layers instead of pouring concrete into moulds, therefore, recreating even the smallest of details from the design.

4. Make the construction site a safer work environment

Construction sites are dangerous workplaces, which is why the workers are required to undergo so much training and follow many safety and health guidelines. With 3D printing, the danger is reduced as it requires fewer tools and machinery.

5. Allows for more agile and scalable construction

3D printing easily allows iterations and changes throughout construction with less expense. While the 3D printer is working on a different section, the architects and engineers can easily change the designs to fit the requirements. Customisations and improvisations are also easier to achieve with 3D printing and otherwise would be costly and near to impossible with traditional construction.

Get started on 3D printing your dream house!

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