10 Festive 3D-Printed Decorations to Set the Holiday Mood

The holidays are upon us and this means it’s time for festivities! A big part of the holidays is the Christmas & New Year decorations. If you have a 3D printer, you don’t have to buy overpriced decorations! You can just 3D-print them yourself. Here are 3D-printed holiday decors to set the festive mood in your home or place of business. 

1. Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas tree is an important part of holiday celebrations. If you still have some sparse parts or have not even started decorating it, here are some of the best tree ornaments online. 

Christmas Tree Ornament Set (Vase Mode Prints) by Popandsicle

Spiral and Fine Lattice Balls with Stems by dazus

Christmas Ball by steair

If you want to add something a little extra, these Ornament Containers (Closed) by DaveMakesStuff can either surprise a sharp-eyed loved one with treats or can hide your sweet stash from them.

For the bah-humbugs, you can still “un-celebrate” Christmas by creating these Grinch Christmas ornaments by Vlado Turek. You could also create other beloved Christmas characters both old and new, such as Jack Skellington, Krampus, Deadpool and even Josef Prusa (one of the 3D printing giants) himself. 


2. Christmas Lantern - Shadow Style, 3 different motifs in one, for LED/electric tea candle by MaxT

This beautiful Christmas Lantern will make for good decor for minimalist homes. Keep in mind though that the 3D printing of this lantern is not for the faint of heart. You will need considerable 3D printing skills and a well-calibrated 3D printer to make it work. But the results will be worth it and it’s also a good gift for those who have not yet done their Christmas shopping. 

3. Snowglobe Votive Ornament - Winter Cabin by RetroMaker

This elaborate tree ornament will light up your tree. It’s designed to equip a standard tealight candle to give a magical glow to your tree. 

4. Customizable Snow Globe by Sconnie Makes

If you want to feel the Christmas spirit while at work or on your study desk, this snow globe makes for the perfect desk decor. It may be small but it’s cheery with its various holiday designs. 

5. New Year napkin holder by Oxa

Don’t let your napkins go unadorned. Put them in this holiday-themed napkin holder to make them feast-worthy. 

6. Ice Bowls by DaveMakesStuff

Make your holiday experience a chilly one even if we’re expecting the Christmas season to be hot, hot, hot with these ice bowls. These arctic bowls will keep your ice looking cool on the Christmas table. 

7. 2023 New Year Eve Glasses by 3Dimka

A New Year’s Eve party isn’t a New Year’s Eve party without these sunglasses! These will complete your outfit to make you ready for whatever 2023 will bring. 

8. Christmas Tree Bauble Stand (Remix) by Stevie2k

Whether used as a decoration or a functional stand for earrings, this Christmas Tree Bauble Stand will make any bah-humbugs cheery this Christmas. 

9. Christmas Door Trim Corner 18 - Santa Sleigh and Reindeer and Christmas Tree (Christmas ornament) by MaxT

Sometimes Santa is in the details. Make sure to decorate every corner of your house, including the door and window corners with this Santa Sleigh ornament. 

10. Christmas Tree tea light by Alpes86

Add some pizzazz to your Christmas table with these Christmas tree tea lights. These will make for perfect accent pieces while also providing the needed twinkle while you’re eating with your loved ones. 

Spread the cheer in your home or office with these festive 3D-printed decors!

Don’t forget to get into the holiday spirit by 3D-printing holiday ornaments and decorating your house and office with them. For filament recommendations, you can check out our X3D Pro range

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