3d printed vase in silver silk filament

3D printing with metal-filled filaments is a hassle. Not only do they ruin nozzles but they also have a lot of printing issues. The good-quality ones also run quite expensive.

Fortunately, there is a way to get metal-finish 3D prints without working with metal-filled filaments. X3D Pro Silk PLA is the answer! It is a polymer composite PLA filament that provides a silky smooth metallic finish so you get metallic-looking 3D prints without the hassles of metal-filled 3D printer filaments.

We are currently running a promotion on our X3D Pro Silk PLA! Get 50% off when you buy two or more rolls. If you did manage to take advantage of this great deal, here are 8 faux metal 3D printing ideas using the X3D Pro Silk PLA. 

1. TT Furious Tourbillon by mcmaven

If you fancy making a clock, this tourbillon will be a great project for you. Typically, tourbillons are made using metal. X3D Pro Silk PLA is a great alternative to metal so that your 3D-printed tourbillon will look realistic and even steampunk-inspired. 

2. PlayStation Trophy by Upcrid

Holding a video game competition at home? Go the extra mile and give out trophies. These 3D-printed PS-themed trophies will surely make winning sweeter. 

3. H. R. Giger - Alien Queen Matchbox by ncsandor

3D print this matchbox if you’re an Alien fan. To make it look vintage, the designer sanded the box, applied a bit of brown acrylic paint, and brushed a silk gloss varnish. But when you use X3D Pro Silk PLA in Bronze, you can skip the final process as it already has a silk gloss finish. 

4. Dragon Vase Can/Bottle Holder by JohnLava

Pretend you’re at a banquet in Asgard with these goblet-looking can and bottle holders. Our Bronze, Gold, Copper, and Silver Silk PLA filaments will be perfect for this project. 

5. ORGANIC VASE by mecanic 


Create a sleek metallic-looking vase when you use X3D Pro Silk PLA for this design. It will look so real that house guests won’t even know that it’s plastic unless they touch it or you tell them so. 

6. Gears & Tools by guppyk

Guppyk is a designer that creates metal-looking designs made from PLA. He has different functional items, such as bearings, hinges, tweezers, watering cans, and more that people can use around the home. 

7. Gear Bearing by emmett

One good thing about having a 3D printer is that it eliminates the need to buy things and allows you to create them for yourself. Whatever you need a gear bearing for, whether to use as a component for a device or use it as a fidget spinner, you’d enjoy creating this gear bearing by emmett. 

8. The Heist - Puzzle Box by LeisureLuke

Entertain yourself for days on end with this puzzle box! It has metallic components to it that you can fake with the X3D Pro Silk PLA. The designer claims that it is very easy to print. What better way to print this than with our easy-to-print-with filaments? 

Get started on your metallic 3D printing projects with our X3D Pro Silk PLA!

Take advantage of our X3D Pro Silk PLA! Stocks are limited so order now before they run out. 

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