6 Uses for ASA Filaments

X3D Pro ASA 3D printer filaments are fast becoming some of our most popular filaments, coming close behind PLA and ABS. And why shouldn’t they? They combine the best of the two, taking ABS’ high impact and temperature resistance while having the easy printability of PLA. It also has high UV resistance, making them the best filaments for outdoor items.

Here are the best uses for ASA 3D printing filaments. 


1. Garden Planters & Accessories

As it has a high UV resistance, ASA is one of the few filaments that can create outdoor items without issues, such as deterioration and discolouration from harsh UV rays, rain, and extreme heat.

If you want to create a garden from scratch, you can print them entirely with ASA. You can use this filament for planters, awnings, pipes, garden tools, and more. 

Flexible Mini Greenhouse-Dome with Pot (clickable) by graph

Garden Rake by Devstroyer

2. Outdoor items

For the same reason, ASA is also the perfect material for various outdoor items. If you need to create a strong and durable tool that can withstand wear and tear while also being exposed to the sun, ASA is your filament.

Outdoor items that you can print using ASA are weather instruments, toys, signages, shed tools, and more. 

the American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse by Mr_MegaTronic


Full wireless pressure/temperature/humidity sensor with radiation shield (BME280) by ZeSanglier

36" Northern Pike RC Airplane (It Flies!) by localfiend

3. Automotive parts

One of the most popular uses for ASA is automotive exterior parts. Exterior car parts need strong resistance against UV rays, impact, and temperature which ASA provides.

This filament can do a great job whether you’re printing an ornamental part or something functional.

Toyota coin holder by 1D_Design

Desk for Tesla Model Y / 3 Steering wheel by kingjamez

4. 3D printer parts

3D printers can get really hot when it is printing. So parts should be able to tolerate high heat without melting. Depending on the parts you’ll print, it also needs to be able to be durable enough to withstand constant and prolonged use.

If you want to customise your 3D printer or better yet create your own, you can print parts using ASA as it has high-temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties. 

CRAFTRUMs Direct Drive with BMG extruder and E3Dv6 by holyfarrier

3D Printed Outboard Propeller by ecoprinter

5. Handles

ASA produces lightweight prints, making a great material for handles. ASA-made handles are not just lightweight, but they are also durable and temperature-resistant. 

Wolfs Walking stick handle by cncmodels4you

Handle - All Purpose, Four Sizes by guppyk

6. Gadget casing

One good thing about 3D printers is that you can create anything just with the right knowledge of Raspberry Pi and gadgetry. One thing you can create is a functional camera. Since cameras are also used outdoors, you should use ASA for the casing and some of the parts. You can also use ASA for casings of power banks. 

terraPin, a 120 Film Pinhole Photography System by schlem

The best DIY USB PD Power bank 3D print files by KRALYN3D

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