7 3D Printing Ideas for School Lessons

Start the school year right with these X3D printing ideas for school lessons

When a new school term begins, learning is usually the last thing on the students’ minds. Most kids are looking forward to reconnecting with classmates and regaling them with tales about their summer. Wake up their mind and get them excited about learning again with these 7 3D printing ideas for school lessons this new term.

Custom Egyptian Obelisk

Take your students back in time with this custom-printed Egyptian Obelisk. Not only will they learn more about ancient Egyptian architecture but they’ll also learn about hieroglyphics since they’ll be customising the message on the obelisk’s surface.

Family Heritage Crest

Children will have fun designing and creating their own family crest by learning about their heritage. After learning about their ancestors, creating a crest will help them absorb and synthesise the information better. It can also be a personal project for them.

Models of Extinct Animals

Let your students develop a deeper love for animals by having them create models of extinct animals. These animals may no longer be around but thanks to 3D printing technology, they’ll be able to see miniature versions of these animals.

Balloon-Powered Dragster

Students will have a better understanding of Newton’s third law of force and motion with this 3D printed balloon-powered dragster. They will learn the elements of forces (such as friction, thrust, gravity, and air resistance) and the concepts of wheels and axles.

Short Film Production

Students can write and direct their own films with 3D printing. They will learn about communication, collaboration, storytelling, and character development. They can design and 3D print their main character which they can film with their iPads. This is better done in pairs so they can collaborate on the story and production.

Assistive Bottle Openers

If they have loved ones suffering from arthritis and other joint and grip problems, they can help them by printing out these assistive bottle openers. Students will learn the concepts of simple machines and lever principles.
h2. Great Wall of China Watchtowers

The students will be able to travel to the Great Wall of China without leaving the classroom by creating their miniature version of the Great Wall of China Watchtowers. All the students will collaborate to reconstruct the Great Wall by joining their models together.

The kids will have a renewed love for learning with these 3D printing lessons.

Incorporating 3D printing into your school lessons encourages active thinking, student participation, and creativity. If you need filaments for the upcoming school term, order your Free School Filament Samples from us! Click on the link to order. For inquiries, you can contact us by email and phone.

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