6 3D Print Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Bitten by the love bug this Valentine’s day? If you’re a 3D printing enthusiast and on the hunt for some gift ideas,why not print one of these romantic 3D print ideas that will make your loved one go “aaawwww…”

Three Heart Gears by emmett


Put your brain and 3D printing skills to the test with this Three Heart Gears puzzle. This puzzle provides plenty of hours of entertainment for you or your loved one. When completed, it also makes for a beautiful desk decoration.

Sweetheart Collection 1 by timcel


Remember the good old days of sweetheart candies? If your Valentine is health-conscious, you can give them these 3D printed non-edible sweethearts instead. These cute sweethearts let your loved one know they are loved while also helping them stay healthy.

Valentine Vase Dazzler: Color LED Light Base for Valentines Vase & Flower by vorpal


Roses are red;
Violets are blue;
Don’t just give flowers,
Get a vase too!

Turn your ordinary bouquet of roses into a colourful display with this light-up Valentine vase! This makes for a great gift not just for your significant other, but also for your mom, sister, aunt and more on other occasions.

Valentine’s Dice by Todd Olsen


Looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day with your significant other? Then print out these Valentine Dice. Leave your Valentine’s date up to chance with a roll of this dice. Whether you get a foot scrub or a kiss, you’ll have a fun time rolling this dice.

Romantic Knuckle Duster


If you’re looking for a gag gift for your friends or your girlfriend, this is the thing for you. This Romantic Knuckle Duster is funny for anyone who has been burned by love too many times. It is also functional, making it a good weapon for self-defence.

Custom Heart Box


Planning to propose anytime soon? Congratulations! If you want to make your proposal more interesting, get your partner to work hard for the ring with this Custom Heart Box. This box is a bit tricky to open as the parts need to be twisted in order to get it to open.

Get your Valentine a DIY romantic gift with 3D printing

Make your gift more thoughtful with these DIY romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020. For the filaments that you’ll use, order from our wide collection of X3D Pro filaments here.

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