7 3D Printed Furniture Ideas


When you’ve got a 3D printer, all too often you’re probably asking yourself, “Why buy when you can 3D print your own instead?” Yes, there may be some limitations like you can’t 3D print your own food or house just yet, but you can recreate basically almost anything reasonable you put your mind to using a 3D printer such as home decor, nuts, bolts, automotive parts and even home furniture!

While it can be a hassle to 3D print a whole couch (imagine all the filaments that you’ll be using), you can still enhance your furniture projects with 3D printed enhancements. If you fancy yourself as a high-tech carpenter, here are the 3D printable furniture projects that you might want to try.

1. Table legs

While 3D printing a whole table is out of the question with a consumer 3D printer, you can still enhance your coffee tables with these 3D printed table legs. If you want an elegant touch to your tables, these intricately designed 3D printed tables will make any slab of wood surface into a work of art.

Table legs by yusufkarakas06

2. Cabinet handles

A good way to transform an otherwise plain chest of drawers or cabinet is by accentuating it with stylish drawer handles. You could buy from your local hardware but why buy when you can print them, right? With so many 3D handle designs online, you could choose to replace them every day if you wanted to.

Cabinet handles by Helloloto

3. Cabinet overlay

Fancy a stylish cabinet but your carpentry skills are limited? No problem! You can craft a simple cabinet and attach these overlays to take it to the next level. If you’ve got an unsightly metal filing cabinet at home, these overlays can also cover it up and make it look beautiful.


4. Standing desk

Want to start standing while working for a change? Craft this standing desk. It can also be used as a side table when watching a movie from your laptop while you’re on the bed. It’s not just for laptops, you can also use it for your tablet.

SIDE TABLE by Ovocom

5. Stool

Create this rustic stool with 3 wooden sticks, a cushion, and 3D printed joints. This stool brings a home-y feel to your interiors with its shabby chic style. You can also create different ones and customise it with your own cushion designs.

ACOLYTE STOOL by SamLestampillerie

6. Side table

If you want to test your 3D printing skills, this side table project is for you! It involves 3D printing the entire table in segments and assembling the parts. As you know, there are complexities involved when printing larger items so this will surely test your skills. Not for the faint hearted! You would also need to buy a glass top to complete the look.

PARABOL FOCUS TABLE by kaeveedesign

7. Bookcase

Once you’ve created a bookcase of your own, you can proudly call yourself a carpenter. It is a mark of a true master crafter as creating a bookcase requires commitment, skill, and time. This DIY 3D printed bookcase project tests both carpentry and 3D printing skills with the level of expertise required in fashioning the wood, 3D printing the joints, and assembly.

Bookcase by Gale

You never have to buy furniture again when you have a 3D printer!

Creating your own furniture is a true test of your 3D printing and carpentry skills. It may be difficult at first but extremely fulfilling as after the project, you will now have something to furnish your home with. If you need materials for your upcoming 3D printing projects, try our best-selling X3D Pro filaments. They deliver high-quality prints consistently while also being a dream to print with. Check out our range of X3D Pro filament types and colours here.

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