Increased costs in 3D printing

The inflation rate is rising at a record high and it’s not expected to peak until the end of 2023. What can businesses do about it? By cost-cutting, of course! One of the ways that can help your business reduce operating expenses is through 3D printing. Here are ways you can survive inflation with Ultimaker 3D printers.

1. Outsourcing is not always the cheaper option

3D printing labs tack on extra charges to survive. Now that the cost of living is steadily rising, it will naturally charge more than it usually does.

Outsourcing 3D printing projects makes sense when you only have a low demand. Otherwise, you’ll spend more if your business constantly needs 3D-printed parts. You’ll save more if you buy a 3D printer instead.

If your business has never heard of 3D printing, maybe you can consider it as an alternative to manufacturing parts. Instead of ordering parts from a supplier, you can 3D-print them instead as it’s easier to predict and control the costs with 3D printing. You also get to save on shipping fees since you’ll be manufacturing your parts in house. 

2. Make processes more efficient

We’ve touted time and time again how 3D printing makes manufacturing, prototyping, and design more efficient and cost-effective. It dramatically cuts down on downtime, risk, time, and money spent using traditional methods.

Risk reduction is crucial in these difficult times as risk induces higher spending and delayed productivity. 

3. Save time and put it to better use

With the time saved with 3D printing, you can now focus on more critical parts of your business. For example, you can now perfect your prototypes by spending more time iterating or perfecting your prototype’s design and structure.

In fact, L’Oréal’s Additive Manufacturing Manager, Matthew Forester has talked about how he designed a replacement part for production and sent it to the plant’s engineers on a Friday, got it printed over the weekend, and the part was ready to run in the production line by Monday morning.

Since you’ll also be needing less time for iterating, you can then also gain more time to test and validate more thoroughly, saving you from reworks down the line. 

4. Automate production to save money and time

3D printing can keep your production going from day to night with minimal to no supervision. When you invest in a powerful workhorse, such as the Ultimaker S5, it will enable your business to “Design by day. 3D print by night.”

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is engineered to run reliably and unattended with its Materials Station, a humidity-controlled chamber that can house up to 6 filament rolls so that you won’t run out of material, and the Air Manager, an attachment that provides a closed, inside-out airflow for optimal filtering and print quality.

Having a powerful, automated, and reliable workhorse like this means that your business will have extra time for other high-value tasks. 

5. Explore other opportunities and revenue streams

For businesses to survive, they need to adapt. 3D printing allows them to evolve and explore other opportunities. Just having an in-house 3D printer alone opens you up to outsourcing where you can accept 3D printing projects from other companies. You can also cut costs by creating your replacement parts, containers, and more!

Discover a new way of doing business with Ultimaker 3D printers!

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