5 Reasons Why You Should Be 3D Printing with X3D Pro Matt PLA


Have you always been annoyed with the glossy, plasticky look of regular PLA? Good news, X3D Pro Matt PLA is now available! If you need further convincing to try it, here are 5 reasons why you should use the X3D Pro Matt PLA in your next 3D printing project.

1. Sleek and cool matt finish

X3D Pro Matt PLA offers a classy look that elevates the value of your 3D-printed object. They are also perfect for projects that need an understated look, such as technical engineering models and industrial and product designs. 

2. Similar to ABS but without the printing difficulties

Typically, people use ABS for its matt finish despite the extreme difficulty in printing and usability. Now, you can print matt objects without the difficulty with matt PLA. It also has excellent mechanical properties, such as low shrinkage level, strong stability, and good tensile strength. Best of all, it is eco-friendly and odourless, making 3D printing with the filament a more pleasant experience. 

Keep in mind that matt PLA is not as tough as ABS. But if you’re only printing with ABS for its matt finish, you can replace it with X3D Pro Matt PLA. 

3. Reduces reflectivity

In some cases, reflection can ruin an object, particularly surrounds and hoods for camera lenses. If you want to remove all traces of reflection on your 3D print without post-processing, you are better off using Matt PLA. 

4. Reduces the appearance of layer lines

Using the X3D Pro Matt PLA improves the surface quality of your prints dramatically. Due to its matt finish, it conceals the appearance of layer lines. You no longer need to do any post-processing for minor imperfections and layer lines. 

5. Perfect for beginners

X3D Pro Matt PLA is the perfect entry-level filament for 3D printing newbies. Not only does it reduce the appearance of layer lines, but it is also easy to print with and use since it is PLA. Newbies won’t experience the typical printing issues of other types of filaments, such as jamming, warping, and emitting noxious fumes. 

Discover a new printing experience with X3D Pro Matt PLA!

Try the X3D Pro Matt PLA to get a sleek and understated finish without the printing hassles! Available in four colours: black, wood, white, and grey. For more info or inquiries, contact us by phone and email

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