2022 Guide to Colour-Shifting Filaments

Tired of monochromatic 3D prints? While there are several ways you can create multi-colour 3D prints, they still involve pausing the production and changing the filament spools. If you want to create multi-colour 3D prints with a seamless change of colours, try using rainbow filaments! So just what are rainbow filaments? Read more to find out.

What are rainbow filaments?

Rainbow filaments are multi-coloured materials that leave a gradual gradient or colour-shift effect on prints. Using these filaments is the easiest way to get a multi-colour print as there is no need for the typical start-and-stall setup of other multi-colour printing methods, which are usually done with single-extruder 3D printers. On dual-extruder printers, you can print the parts with different colours separately and then put them together in post-processing. 

There are downsides to using rainbow filaments depending on your design. One, you can’t control how the colour appears so this isn’t something for the nitpicky. Second, rainbow filaments with gradient effects only look good on medium to large-scale models. 

Best Rainbow Filaments on Brandconnect

1. Eryone Metal Silk Rainbow PLA

If you want a shiny chrome-like metal finish on your 3D prints, choose the Eryone Metal Silk Rainbow PLA. The colour only changes every 10m, so it is recommended for large objects. As it is PLA, it works best for arts and crafts projects, such as jewellery, vases, and more. 

2. Eryone Mini Rainbow PLA

Eryone Mini Rainbow PLA is the better option if you prefer creating medium models. The colour changes every 4 – 10m so you can print smaller 3D prints with this filament. Just like the rainbow filament above, it is perfect for arts and crafts projects as well. 

3. FormFutura High Gloss PLA - ColorMorph

The FormFutura High Gloss PLA - ColorMorph is different from the other rainbow filaments in that it offers a dimensional colour change when viewed at different angles. Hence, they work best on textured surfaces (e.g., ridges). Another cool feature is that it helps reduce the appearance of layer lines. 

Just like any other rainbow filament, you can’t control the change in colour, which is part of its appeal. It also means that you won’t be able to produce the same surface twice, making your creations one of a kind. 

Create 3D prints in a full bloom of colour with X3D’s best rainbow filaments!


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