3D-Printing Ideas for Free Medical Prostheses & Orthotics

While 3D printing is popular for additive manufacturing, prototyping, and arts and crafts, it is also known for creating life-changing items, such as more affordable medical prostheses and orthotics.

On average, medical prostheses and orthotics cost up to thousands of dollars but with 3D printing, the total cost will be whittled down to a fraction. With over 20,000 Australian amputees in the country, these designs will be a transformative experience as they are easily customisable and can be reproduced more affordably. Here are free 3D printing designs for medical prostheses and orthotics. 

1. Free 3D-Printed Medical Prosthesis: CRE-004 Cryptic Pattern Leg Prosthesis - iDIG (Integrated Digital Design Laboratory), Department of Industrial Design ITS Indonesia by crewolprint3d

Developed by Agung Dwi Junianto, a teacher from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology in Indonesia, this leg prosthesis is customisable and heavy-duty. It can be customised using its STEP format files.

The designer recommends using ABS and aluminium to complete the assembly of the prosthesis. This design is so popular that there are 8 successful makes and 3 remixes to add features to the design. 

2. Free 3D-Printed Medical Prosthesis: Bionic Arm by Halo Limbitless 

If you have a kid or know any kid who needs an upper-limb prosthesis, you can request one from Limbitless, a company that creates bionic arms for children in collaboration with the creators of the video game Halo.

Although it may look futuristic, this prosthesis is completely functional, and capable of gripping and making gestures. It is limited to those with below-the-elbow amputations. 

3. Free 3D-Printed Medical Prosthesis: Cyborg Beast by 3D Universe

The Cyborg Beast is a medical hand prosthesis designed by 3D Universe. The design files are free, however, you would need to pay a nominal fee for the materials kit (including everything you need to print and build the prosthesis).

The design can be customised for up to 160% of the file size. 

4. Free 3D-Printed Medical Prosthesis: Knick's Prosthetic Finger v3.5.5 by Julmik

This prosthetic finger is perfect for those who have lost one or more fingers. The 3D printing community has banded together to remix the design to meet different needs, such as those who have lost only one segment of their finger or to fit other fingers. 

5. Free 3D-Printed Medical Orthotics: Wrist brace (splint) for either hand by Prusa Research

This brace is suitable for those who have sprained or broken their wrists. It is designed to be more rigid to aid in the recovery of fractured bones and provide injury relief.

As for store-bought braces, you need to use a bandage or undercast padding for comfort.

6. Free 3D-Printed Medical Orthotics: Humeral Brace by Make3D Company Limited

Designed by Make3D Company Limited in collaboration with a Gambian orthopaedic surgeon Dr Kebba S. Marenah, this humeral brace is engineered to have improved fracture treatment effectiveness, better air circulation, and reduced weight compared to standard humeral braces and plaster of Paris without compromising the strength of the brace. It can also be customisable according to the user’s needs.

To prevent odours and infection, the designer recommends using PLActive - By Copper 3D as it has antimicrobial properties.

While it has been approved by the Medical Control Agency in The Gambia, it is still recommended that the user consults with their surgeon first.

7. Free 3D-Printed Medical Orthotics: Braces for the fingers, toe, and palm by Prusa Research

Prusa Research has designed different braces for different parts of the body. What makes their designs different is that it has a Voronoi patterned surface for breathability. The designer advises to use bandages or undercast padding for comfort.

Some are designed to treat fractures while others only relieve the pain of the injury. It is still advised to consult with a medical professional before using any of their orthotics. 

Save money by 3D printing these free medical prostheses and orthotics!

For inquiries on what materials to use or if you want to stock up on materials to use for any of these projects, contact us using the chatbox on the left. 

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