10 Adorable 3D-Printed Pet Items

This National Pet Month, treat your furbabies to some 3D-printed toys, tools, and accessories that will make their lives easier and better. Here are the best 3D-printed pet items that we found. 

1. Pet Trainer by Wyldesyde007

Got a new puppy or unruly dogs that can’t seem to be controlled? Curb unwanted behaviour with this Pet Trainer. You can simply attach a can of compressed air to the 3D-printed accessory and it will emit a hissing noise that will distract them from ruining furniture, jumping on guests, or being aggressive to other dogs or people during walks. 

2. Pet Bowl Riser by L

Pets with cones find it difficult to eat from their food bowls. Elevating them with a slight tilt can make them accessible. You don’t have to buy an elevated pet dish, just print this Pet Bowl Riser accessory where you can attach your pet’s old pet bowls to give them a lift. 

3. Interactive Pet Egg Toy by Marito

This Interactive Pet Egg Toy is perfect for rainy days when your hyperactive dogs are cooped up inside or when your cats are tired of making your life miserable and want something else to entertain them. They’ll be entertained and mentally stimulated by this interactive toy for hours on end as it makes them think about how to access the treats that you’ll put inside. 

4. Doggy Button by zeroflow

Train your pups with this doggy button. You can put a treat inside the dispenser which will then be released once they push the button with their paws. It needs some hardware and assembly to work. 

5. RESToy by occupied_brain

Although not exactly 3D-printed, it uses empty spools, so not only is this useful but eco-friendly. You only need a ping-pong ball, some basic assembly and voila, your cats get an interactive toy. 

6. Tardis Cat Door - Tardis Portal by kaje

Who says that cats can’t be the next Dr Who? Ever wondered why cats seem to be beyond their years? It’s because they’ve been time-travelling as what this Tardis Cat Door would like us to believe. Whether true or not, this looks cooler than the usual cat flap. 

7. Apple AirTag Holder for Dog Collar by KPTexan

A great non-invasive way to track your pets is by putting an AirTag on them. Easily sew one into your pet’s collar with this AirTag holder. As long as you’ve got basic sewing skills and a wide enough pet collar, this will be easy. 

8. Dog Paw Hook by Jorla

Give your dog a designated wall hook for their leash, harnesses, collar, or even coat with this 3D-printed Dog Paw Hook. You only need a command strip to attach it to the wall. 

9. Hamster house with slide by imakina

Hamsters are beloved pets too and we’re certainly not leaving them out on this list. This 3D-printed Hamster House is part shelter, part playhouse with a slide at the side. Best of all, it’s easy to print and doesn’t require support. 

10. Pet Splint by SolidWorks Maker

If you’ve got a pet that’s been recently injured, you could help them recover with lots of love, care, and this pet splint. Its dimensions can also be easily customised. 

Treat your fur babies this National Pet Month with these 3D-printed pet items! 

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