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The success of your 3D prints can depend on the 3D printer nozzle size. Although the standard 3D printer nozzle size is 0.4 mm, changing up the nozzle can make a whole world of difference, depending on the scale of your print. The 0.4 mm nozzle is not one size, fits all when it comes to prints. It will be a waste of your 3D printer’s capabilities if you keep using just one nozzle with your projects.

How a 3D printer nozzle affects the printing process

Generally, the smaller the 3D printer nozzle is, the slower that it is going to produce a print since it would require more time to cover the perimeter of your entire design. The good thing about it is that it can print intricate details parallel on the print surface.

The layer height can also affect its output. A lower layer height can deliver a more detailed print on the vertical and slanted sides of the print. A higher layer height will render a printing process faster, sacrificing detail. While it is advised that the layer height should not exceed 80% of the 3D printer nozzle diameter, you can still set the layer height lower than that depending on the outcome you wish to achieve.

Difference between 3D printer nozzle diameters

With the standard 0.4 mm nozzle as our guide, let’s compare the different diameters of 3D printer nozzles.

0.25 mm 3D printer nozzle


Improved resolution in XY axes
Easily removable supports

Be careful of:

Longer print times
Easily clogged
Incompatibility with filaments with large particles

What it’s good for : Printed texts and letters, jewelry, and miniature models

0.60 mm 3D printer nozzle


Double the printing speed
Similar print quality as 0.4 mm nozzle
Improved durability in models
Lesser risk of clogging

Be careful of:

Lessened resolution quality for texts and details
Harder to remove supports

What it’s good for : Voroni lamp, flower pots and vases, and other prints that do not feature meticulous details.

1 mm 3D printer nozzle


Fastest printing time
Sturdier prints
Improved durability in models
Eliminated nozzle clogging
Highly visible layers (if your design requires them)

Be careful of:

Devoid of detail
Obvious layers
Most difficult supports to remove
Uses up a lot of filament

What it’s good for : Pencil holder, smooth children’s toys that do not have a lot of details, and no-infill transparent prints

Knowing the ideal 3D printer nozzle to wield can save you time, filament, and heartbreak as it can help you produce an accurate representation of your design. We also offer free shipping for certain orders. If you have any more questions about the 3D printer nozzle diameters or how to change yours, you could contact us at 08 6380 7488 to talk to our 3D printing experts.

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