The print didn’t come out right

After hours of patiently waiting for your model to print, you finally see the finished product. However, your print came out looking like the abominable version of your design. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your print not come out the way you want it to. Here are the possible reasons why your print looks bad.

  • Does the bottom of your print flare out?
  • Is your infill broken or missing?
  • Does the infill peek through the exterior wall?
  • Is there a gap between the outer wall and infill?
  • Is the first layer problematic?
  • Are there missing layers?
  • Are the layers not aligning well?
  • Does the print veer to the side?
  • Is there warping on the print edges?
  • Are there cracks on the sides of tall prints?
  • Do the overhangs look messed up?
  • Is your print looking weak and wrong?
  • Does the surface beneath the support structure look rough?
  • Is the intricate detail on your print not defined?
  • Can you see diagonal marks on your print?
  • Are there echoes or ripples on the print surface?
  • Do the layers look thin or under-extruded?
  • Does your print look stringy and over-extruded?
  • Does the top layer have pits and hollows?
  • Is the print surface covered with web-like strings?
  • Is the print deformed or melted?
  • Is your print not dimensionally accurate?
  • Are the bridges stringy or messy?
  • Did your print shift layers?
  • Does your print have blobs or zits?
  • Do your layers have uneven extrusion?
  • Are your circle prints not perfectly round?
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