Does your print have blobs or zits?

Just like the zits on our faces, they are not welcome on our 3D prints. They are caused by excessive filament brought on by improper retraction settings.


You could fix this problem by tweaking the settings in your slicing software or taking care of your filaments.

  • Adjust the Z-hop and Z-scar: Go through your slicing software and disable the Z-hop as this promotes blobs at the retraction point. Conversely, you should increase the retraction level. On the other hand, the Z-scar (Zipper) almost always occurs randomly where the layer change happens. Some slicing software program lets you choose where you want it to appear so choose the most conspicuous location, such as the back of the print.
  • Prevent your filament from absorbing moisture: Zits and blobs can also be the effects of moisture-bloated filaments. If you suspect that your filaments could have absorbed moisture during storage, dry them first. You could also prevent any mishaps by storing them correctly in an air-tight container in a cool dry place.