Does the print head miss the bed?

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Does the print head miss the bed?

This problem is unmistakable as the noise it makes will alert you immediately. This is caused usually by incorrect printer configuration, wrong printer settings in the software, or worn out or broken end stops.


You can try to solve this problem with these 3 fixes.

  • Observe the end stops: Check if the print head moves past the limits of either the X or Y position. If it does so and the end stop isn’t disconnected, it’s time to replace the end stops with new ones.
  • Set the correct printer in your printing software: If you selected a different printer from the one you’re using, the settings could be all wrong, therefore messing up the printing dimensions.
  • Check if there’s a firmware update: This comes in handy especially if your printer is newly purchased. After updating, go through the setup process and review your settings.

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