Do the layers look thin or under extruded?

Do the layers look thin or under-extruded?

If your extruder looks like it is struggling to get the filament out, making your print have wispy or missed layers and gaps, it could mean a lot of things. The first cause is obvious, it could be that something is blocking the nozzle. Second, there could be something off with the slicer software settings.


This problem could be easily solved by checking the software or cleaning the hot end.

  • Unclog the nozzle: There could be debris blocking the filament from coming out of the hotend. Let our comprehensive nozzle cleaning guide help you with that.
  • Match your filament’s diameter to what is in the slicing software: Set the correct diameter in your slicing software. You can usually find your filament’s diameter in the box that it comes in. If you’ve already thrown out the box, you could measure it with a set of calipers.
  • Check the flow rate: Increase the extrusion multiplier (otherwise known as flow rate or flow compensation) in increments of 5% until the problem is no more.
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