Did the hot end stop printing mid-way?

When the hot end stops extruding filament in the middle of printing, the causes can range from the simple to the complex. It could that you don’t have enough filament or there is something wrong with the hot end itself.


The solutions are similar to when nothing is coming out of the extruder at the beginning of print.

  •  Check your filament: When the hot end is not extruding, it is highly likely that it is caused by filament issues. Make sure that you check if you still have enough filament. It may sound like a simple enough mistake, but it still happens to the best of us. It could also be that the filament has been stripped or snapped. You could check out how to deal with this in our dedicated troubleshooting section on how to fix stripped filaments or snapped filaments.
  •  Unclog your nozzle: If everything is a-okay with the filament, the culprit may be your nozzle. Check for clogs and if there is, you can unclog it with these helpful tips from our dedicated nozzle unclogging guide.
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