The Best 3D Printer Filaments for Creators & Artists

The possibilities are endless if you are an artist or creator who uses the medium of 3D printing to create art. You can create any model, figure or sculpture featuring different types of finishes. Even models seemingly made of wood, metal, and marble! What are your options when it comes to 3D printer filament for arts and crafts? Here are the top materials + design ideas!


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If you want to have that understated gloss and shine on your 3D models, then these glossy/twinkling 3D printer filaments are the best for you. The Silk Gloss PLA lends a smooth and silky gloss to your figure without post-processing.

(banana slug pendant by gasstationwithoutpumps via Thingiverse)

If it’s glittery prints you’re after, try our X3D PLA Twinkling Filament! Exhibiting the same easy printability as other PLA filaments but made to be tougher and stronger, they can be used to create functional objects.

(Fractal Led Lamp 2 by ChrisTheViolaNerd via Thingiverse)


It can be hard to capture ultra-fine details with 3D printing. However, with sculptable materials, you can remodel and sculpt your 3D figurine like it’s a sculpture. Surface irregularities such as blobs, bumps, and marks are things of the past with the 3D Skulpt. This material allows you to smooth the imperfections as you add intricate details on your model.

(Gamorrean Guard Sculpt by Geoffro via Thingiverse)


You can create fake carved sculptures with 3D printing! These wood filaments give off the appearance of real wood that people would be surprised to know that your model is 3D printed. For a realistic wooden look and feel, check out FormFutura’s EasyWood range. It is made up of 40% wooden particles, making your prints smell like real wood. It comes in various blends, such as Cork, Olive, Cedar, Willow, Pine, and Birch.

For a more eco-friendly material, choose the X3D Pro Wood Filament. It is made up of recycled wood instead, making it just as realistic without wasting our natural resources.

These filaments can wreak havoc on your nozzles due to their wood particles. If you don’t want to clog or damage your nozzles but want wood-looking prints, use the PolyWood, a wood-mimic filament.

(Folding Wood Booklet by SNIJLAB via Thingiverse)


For shiny and crystalline 3D prints, use glass 3D printer filaments. HDglass is a PETG filament that is made to be strong and tough for functional materials as well as clear and sparkly for use for decorative prints.

(STRAWBERRY-pot holder by langelot_du_lac via Thingiverse)


Fancy yourself as a blacksmith? Wield the next Mjolnir hammer or the excalibur with metal-filled 3D printer filaments such as the ColorFabb range. It comes in three metal types, Bronzefill, Copperfill, and Brassfill. These filaments have metal particles for a realistic metallic look, feel, and density.

(Ashtray Copperfill by mrnic3 via Thingiverse)

Create to your heart’s content with these Specialty 3D Printer Filaments for Artists and Creators!

Create your 3D printing masterpieces without restraint with these Arts & Craft 3D printer filaments! If you have inquiries regarding any of the filaments above, you can contact us through email and phone.

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