Spookiest Halloween 3D Prints

For 3D printing enthusiasts, there is no better way to celebrate Halloween than to print spooky and bone-chilling Halloween 3D print designs. Whether you prefer to create decorations or costumes for you or your pets, there is bound to be a design out there that’ll tickle your fancy. Here are the best Halloween 3D print designs that we’ve found online (via Thingiverse).

Kongo’s Bugging Eyeballs by kongorilla

If you want a convincing accessory to wear, check out these Bugging Eyeballs by kongorilla. It’s so realistic that people will believe that your eyeballs are falling out. Bonus points if they try to put them back in!

Wonder Woman Bracer Set by Terefenko

Are the only things keeping you from being Wonder Woman the tiara and armbraces? Don’t settle for those flimsy things that the toy store or costume shop sells. Create your own instead, with the Wonder Woman Bracer Set by Terefenko. They can be customised to your fit to make your costume look more authentic.

Halloween Pumpkin Decor – Jack Skellington by jazzhands

Want Halloween Pumpkin decors that you can use for years to come? Never have to buy pumpkins again with these 3D printed pumpkin decors. You can even choose to display them all year ‘round if spooking people is your thing.

Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bowl by leonardlee

Create a cool 3D printed candy bowl to store your treats! You can choose to store other things as well. They also make for cool decorations even beyond the spookfest season.

Frankenstein Light Switch Plate by LoboCNC

Tired of your old regular light switches? Decorate them with this Frankenstein Light Switch Plate by LoboCNC! Something as mundane as switching on or off the lights can become so much more fun with this home decoration.

Demon Baby Halloween Prop by Taikonaught

The key to scaring people during Halloween is a good realistic prop like this one by Taikonaught. Make people think that you’re carrying the devil spawn or an overly eager kicking and peeking baby. It is also useful for budding filmmakers, pranksters, and cosplayers. Morning sickness and intense cravings are not included.

Celebrate Halloween with these chilling 3D print designs!

Celebrating Halloween is a lot more fun when you have a 3D printer. Do you have any designs of your own? Share it with us and win 3D printer filaments and more! Join our Share Your Print Competition through this link: https://www.×3d.com.au/information/competition

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