Simple and Functional Flexible Filament Print Ideas

Printing with flexible 3D printing filaments is fun and cool. There are plenty that you could create using them, functional items that you could use in your day-to-day life. We have recently given a thorough overview and printing instructions for flexible 3D Printing Filaments. If you want to practice what you’ve learned, here are easy and useful flexible filament print ideas to play with.

Cable Ties

You can print out cable ties to organize all the cords snaking around your house.

Trainer Soles

There have been plenty of trainers recently released lately that are made through 3D printing technology. It is easy to create your own with the use of flexible 3D printing filaments. You also don’t have to chuck away your old favourite kicks when the sole wears out when you can easily replace it by 3D printing a new one.

Cell phone cases

Some of the most common items produced by flexible filaments, cell phone cases are suitable for anyone, especially in this technological world. These cases are meant to protect as well as prettify your beloved gadgets.

Bike grip

It is easy for bike grips to disintegrate through constant use and abuse. Stop wasting money to get them replaced. Flexible filaments can create replacements at minimal to no cost. You can even choose to create them to sell them for extra money.

Lens caps

There is nothing as annoying as losing the lens cap of your pricey DSLR cameras. If you don’t want to spend more for a lens cap, you can put your 3D printer to good use and print one.


Yes, you can create a modern-styled wallet with the use of flexible filaments. You can design them however you want them to for a one-of-a-kind wallet.

Why buy things when you can create them yourself? Not only will you be creating one-of-a-kind pieces with these easy flexible filament print ideas, but you can also earn a bit of money by selling them online. If you have questions as to what types of flexible filaments to use for the above products, call 08 6380 7488.

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