Maximise your Phrozen 3D Printer's Potential with these 5 Upgrade Tips

Did you know that your already powerful Phrozen 3D printers can be made even more powerful? Yes, you read it right! You no longer have to keep buying a new printer every time there’s new technology out (although you may need to as your projects grow). With just a bit of technical skill and Phrozen’s continuous release of upgrade parts, you can turn your Phrozen printer into the ultimate 3D printing machine. Here are ways you can improve your printer’s performance.

1. ParaLED

ParaLED is Phrozen’s signature backlight technology that delivers the high print accuracy and quality that its 3D printers are known for. Some entry-level machines (such as the Phrozen Shuffle) only come with the ParaLED version 1, making it not as accurate as some of the later releases. If you want to upgrade your machine’s performance, install the 2019 ParaLED 2.0 Upgrade Kit. Not only does it increase your printer’s print accuracy and consistency but it also speeds up printing time.

2. Build Plate

While there is nothing wrong with the stock build plate that the Phrozen printers come with, they manufactured an improved version that increases the bed adhesion. It also has tapered edges to make it easier to clean and prevent the resin from flooding the top and getting stuck there. Order here: Phrozen Shuffle Build Plate

3. Metal Vat

The metal vat is not easily damaged or stained with the resin. However, some of the older Phrozen 3D printers come with durable plastic vats, which can be harder to clean and easier to damage. So if you use these plastic vats, upgrade to the Phrozen metal vat. It is advised to have two or more vats, for the following reasons mentioned below.

4. Multiple vats

If you have high-volume 3D printing projects, you would need to have multiple vats in stock to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. You can easily replace the vat when there’s a failed print. You can restart printing with a new vat while you clean the other vat. You can get multiple Phrozen Plastic Resin Vats (cheaper option) or Phrozen Shuffle Vats (more expensive yet more superior vat).

5. LED driver

UPGRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you are technically advanced and have a deep understanding of the inner workings of your machine, you can upgrade the LED driver with a higher-watt boost converter to improve the cure time at the expense of a shorter LCD lifespan. This involves upgrading the driver that handles the constant current power supply for UV LEDs. For those who constantly have high-volume 3D printing projects, this will be a great upgrade as it would allow you to print more projects. Anyway, you can easily order Phrozen’s official LCD replacement part from us.

Upgrade your Phrozen 3D printer’s performance with these Printer Upgrade Parts!

Make your Phrozen resin printer even more powerful with these upgrade parts! For more information and help on installing these parts, you can contact us by phone or email.

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