Keep Dry with These 3D-Printed Rainy Season Items

With a 3D printer, you can be prepared for whatever life throws at you, including the torrents pouring down during the rainy season. Instead of buying umbrellas and wellies, you can 3D print them instead. Here are eight 3D-printed ideas for the rainy season. 

1. 3D Printed Turbine Umbrella Hat by Ivan Miranda

Tired of losing umbrellas? Here’s a solution, put it on your head with this 3D-printed Turbine Umbrella Hat by Ivan Miranda. It is equipped with a turbine motor that blows away the rain so that you’ll be kept dry (mostly). The designer warned though that this device can be noisy and dangerous if printed incorrectly, so print it at your own risk. 

2. Nested Birdhouse by Gyrobot

Ever wonder where the birds go during the rain? Provide a sanctuary for them during the downpour with this Nested Birdhouse by Gyrobot. The design consists of different parts that need to be assembled to get it to work. It is also designed so that it is easy to clean. 

3. Slug Trap by AlexEnglish

If you’re bothered by those pesky slugs ruining your precious garden, 3D-print this slug trap! All you need is this, beer of any kind, and patience. It will trap and kill the slugs when they start coming out during the rainy season. This device is made with a roof so that the beer doesn’t get diluted when it rains. 

4. Rain Shower by cesarast

Playing in the rain is not quite like it used to. If you want to feel the rain on your skin without ruining your hair with the acid from the hair, this shower replicates the drops of the rain on your skin. It has a bigger showerhead so it covers more ground.

5. Rain Gauge by nash68

Why buy a rain gauge when you can print one yourself with this design by nash68. The designer recommends that it be printed with a transparent filament so that the level of the liquid will be visible. 

6. Portable Air Conditioner Rain Vent by YASAJTV

It is very rare to find a rain vent for portable air conditioners so this designer took matters into his own hands to create one! It stops water from getting inside the hose of his portable AC. 

7. Makies Wellington Boots by Makies

Even wellies can be 3D printed now. While they may not be as flexible or waterproof as the store-bought ones, they can make do in a pinch. 

8. Rain Collector by jtronics 

Be eco-friendly and collect water from the rain with this rain collector. It has a strainer to weed out the leaves from the collected water. It also comes in various sizes to fit different downpipes. 

Protect yourself and your house from the rain with these 3D printing ideas!

Keep yourself dry while also improving your 3D printed skills with these 3D-printed rainy season models. For inquiries and filament orders, contact us by phone and email. 

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