High-Strength 3D Printer Filaments Guide

While some people don’t require high-strength in their filaments, it comes in handy when building 3D prints for commercial and industrial applications. These applications test a filament’s resistance to heat, extreme temperatures, harsh weather conditions, physical impact, stress, overuse and more. Find out which of the high-strength 3D printing filaments are part of the Superhero League below:

Types of high-strength filaments


ABS is among the most popular high-strength filaments and the second most commonly used out of all filaments due to its consistent strength, durability, and temperature resistance. However, its main flaw lies on the level of printing difficulty. It has a lot of issues during printing, including noxious fumes, warping, and high printing temperature.

ABS Applications: Automotive trim components, electrical enclosures, tool handles, phone cases, and high-wear toys.

Titan X


ASA is the upgraded version of ABS. It is basically ABS but better due to its ease of printing. It is also less likely to warp during printing and can withstand long periods of outdoor use without discolouration.

ASA Applications: Automotive and outdoor decorations

Apollo X



Nylon is a formidable force to be reckoned with. It is commonly used in industrial applications due to its durability, strength, and flexibility. However, nylon is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture, so people may come across printing difficulties when their roll has been exposed to moisture.

Nylon Applications: Mechanical parts, tools, and functional prototypes

PolyMide CoPA Nylon

STYX-12 – Nylon


If you are looking for the strongest 3D printing filaments to ever be formulated, then look no further than polycarbonate. Polycarbonate displays inhuman strength, durable, heat and impact resistance, and high temperature tolerance. It also has moderate flexibility. The only problem you’ll experience when using polycarbonate is it is highly absorbent of moisture.

Polycarbonate Applications: Automotive, mechanical, and electrical components

PolyMax Polycarbonate

X3D Pro Polycarbonate


You may be surprised to find out but PLA is not just the meek and quiet filament that it is commonly known for. Given the right blend, it can transform into a monster of a filament capable of creating objects for industrial use.

Volcano PLA

Create super-strong 3D prints with these high-strength 3D Printing Filaments

Creating prints that stand through the test of time and abuse is possible with high-strength 3D printing filaments. If you want to learn more about them, you can contact us at x3d@x3d.com.au or (08) 6380 7488.

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