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Heineken, L'Oréal, ZEISS, and NASA — what do these companies have in common? These global companies use 3D printing in their daily production needs. What does it mean for your business and how can you adapt to the growing and more competitive business landscape? Here are ways businesses of all sizes benefit from 3D printing technology. 


1. Rapid prototyping

Proof of concept and rapid prototyping are easier now with 3D printing. Before, it required plenty of time, resources, and effort to perfect the design and production. Now with 3D printing, it is easier to finalise the design and check it for flaws before going into print. It also isn’t as expensive as traditional manufacturing. 

3D printing also creates shorter iteration cycles. Now, a cycle only lasts for hours instead of days, giving designers more time to test out their creations thoroughly. It also cuts costs in having to create and retool moulds and changes throughout production. 

2. On-demand manufacturing

3D printing can create items whenever and however you need them. It used to be that manufacturing had to churn out production in advance to anticipate supply and demand.

Since 3D printing is faster and more affordable, companies can now manufacture items on demand. This practice is favourable to the clients as their demands are fulfilled as they need them. It also doesn’t require them to order in bulk anymore and can order just how much they need. 

3. Production automation

3D printing allows automation of production, which improves cost-efficiency and productivity. It also requires little to no additional staffing, especially with powerful 3D printers with streamlined production capabilities. This allows companies to operate 24/7: design by day and manufacture by night. 

4. Mass customisation

Consumers value personalisation and individuality nowadays. 3D printing helps companies adapt to the trend by making mass customisation possible without the need for heavy investment in tooling for customised parts and moulds. 

5. Direct-to-consumer connection

3D printing allows companies to cut out the middle-man between them and their customers. No longer do they have to outsource manufacturing to factories and laboratories, 3D printing can make it easier to do their manufacturing in-house at a reduced cost. 

Explore other business opportunities with 3D printing

3D printing allows your business to reach new heights. If you want to adopt the technology to your business, check out our Ultimaker 3D printers. For inquiries, shoot us a chat or email. 

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