10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

The love language of any 3D printing enthusiast is creating 3D-printed items for their loved ones, whether they be a spouse, partner, friend, family member, or work colleague. It’s something functional that the recipient can regularly use or a romantic memento to show your love, you can create them with your trusty old 3D printer. If you want to give a more unique and meaningful gift this month, check out these 10 Valentine gift ideas. 

1. Heart Wings Cookie Cutter (Valentine's Day Collection) by OogiMe

If you think that the way to your love’s heart is through their stomach, then you’ll love this heart-shaped cookie cutter! It is very easy to print and only needs 44 minutes of printing time. Make sure to use food-safe filaments, such as PLA and PETG.

2. Valentine Ring by zcheraghali

According to our wise modern prophet Beyonce, "If you liked it, then you should put a ring on it.” If you want to lock her in, then propose to your significant other with this 3D-printed ring. Not only is it more heartfelt but it’s also more affordable. It also makes for a good placeholder ring until you can afford a real one.

3. Valentine's Gift Box by MakerBot

Let your partner feel loved even before they open your gift with these Valentine’s Gift Boxes. Conveniently marked with a sweet note ranging from a romantic “Be Mine,” a platonic “No Way,” to a heartbreaking “It’s Over,” they make for perfect boxes to encase gifts for your significant other, friend, sibling, or even arch nemesis. 

4. Valentine Planters by Williamvel

You can also spread love to your plants with these Valentine planters! They will make great decorations for your indoor or desk plants during the love season. They also make for great gifts for the green thumbs and thumbelinas in your life. 

5. Drop Earrings by mishkin2

There’s no faster way to a woman’s heart than giving her jewellery. These easy-to-print earrings are perfect for your girlfriend and wife. Single this season of love? Don’t worry, they still make for good and wholesome gifts for your mom, sister, or friends. 

6. Valentine (Name Place Cards) by merry3d

Throwing a Valentine dinner for your friends or even your loved one? Make it more personalised by adding these 3D-printed name place cards to each plate. They are also ideal for special events, such as weddings and banquets. While there are a wide range of names available, the designer also invites people to email them if their names are not on the list. 

7.  Low Poly Heart Vase by VECTARY

Give your heart to someone special this Valentine’s. Well, at least a literal representation of your heart in all its coronary glory. This heart-shaped vase will look good with your recipient’s favourite flowers. And if you don’t have anyone to give it to, you can always print it for yourself for Valentine’s Day.

8. Lithophane Lamp Structure by Mafo

Look back on your memories by 3D-printing this lithophane lamp with photos of your happy memories with your loved ones. The only problem you’ll have creating this is choosing the photos that go along with it. 

9. BE MY VALENTINE by tridimagina

Be bold and ask out your crush with this cute Valentine decor! It also comes in “Love is in the air” messaging if you want to give this print to family and friends. 

10. Keyed Heart Gears Keychain by cymon

Give a functional gift that also doubles as a toy with this heart gear keychain! This design has been remixed to add a key at the base so that there’ll be something to hold on to while playing with the keychain. 

Spread the love this love month with these 10 3D-Printed Gift Ideas!

Whether you’re single or taken, you can give the perfect gift that tugs more at the heartstrings while still staying within budget when you have a 3D printer. For 3D filament recommendations or inquiries, you can contact us by phone or email

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