10 Coolest 3D Print Ideas for May 2022

Looking for a good 3D printing challenge? If you’re stuck in a 3D printing rut, challenge yourself with these 10 cool 3D printing ideas for May 2022 that are a joy to print and are also useful at home. 

1. Tupperware Lid Holders (Kitchen Organiser) by HaughtyGrayAlien 

Find yourself with mismatched Tupperware lids all the time? Never lose them again with this 3D-printed Tupperware Lid Holder! It has both small and large versions and can fit most lids. If you are planning to print this, cheer up the creator by uploading your make on Thingiverse!

2. FAMCÜTE Chef Knife Sheath by 2 guufm

FAMCÜTE Chef Knives do not come cheap. It’s also very sharp so you have to store it properly. Make your chef knives last longer with this 3D-printed sheath. 

3. Yarn Ball Yarn Bowl by MegaAndy

Are you a hardcore knitter? Then you’ll need this cool-looking yarn bowl that has been made to look like a yarn ball. Not only does it look awesome but it also prevents your yarn from being a jumbled mess. 

4. ST1 | Side Table by Marktonikkle

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, here’s a 3D-printed actual-sized side table! This design is part of the creator’s “ongoing series of experiments to create large-scale furniture using FDM 3D printing, as part of a loop of recycling and reusing prototypes by shredding, granulating, re-extruding and re-printing.” 

They printed it using a large-format 3D printer but if you’ve got CAD and slicer skills, you can tweak this to fit your own printer if you don’t have a large one. 

They recommend using some recycled 18mm plywood for the tabletop and modelling the countersinks into the printed component for screw fixings. 

5. Industrial Gear Wall Clock by Ospekki

This industrial gear wall clock will be another 3D-printed item that will make a good addition to your home. This thing is a massive ~38cm in diameter so this design has several parts that you need to glue together as well as a clock mechanism that you need to install. 

6. Pen Holder Bouquets  by ChrisTheViolaNerd

Showcase your collection of pens with this pen holder bouquet. It can hold up to 20 pens so that none of your pens will feel left out of the display. 

7. Hand Hanger by danowall

A fan of the macabre and the weird? Get a cool wall fixture plus a coat/key hook with this 3D-printed hand hanger. You can also use it to hang up your necklaces and bracelets. 

8. Charger Cable Organiser by DFV Tech

Never get your charging cables tangled again with this 3D-printed charger cable organiser! It works by winding the cable inside the container by rotating the lid. To roll out the cable, you just pull at the two ends of the cable. 

9. 3D printed braiding machine by Fraens

Create friendship bracelets, power cords, ropes, and more with this braiding machine! The designer based their design on old models of braiding machines. 

10. Modern Soap Dish with Removable Collection Tray by Zach

You may not think of it but a soap dish is an item every household needs. This 3D-printed modern soap dish has been designed to look cool. The dish has good airflow and drain to prevent mould buildup.

Get started with the top 10 printing ideas for May!

Challenge yourself with these 10 coolest 3D printing ideas for May. If you have questions on what material to use or if you’re running low on supplies, give us a call or shoot us a message at X3D Printing to help you out. 

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