X3D Pro Wood-3.00mm

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Size: 3.00 mm
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X3D wood filament is PLA made with recycled wood and a binding polymer. This allows the wood filament be extruded through the nozzle just like regular PLA and ABS. The final print has a wooden-like appearance which can be cut, sanded and painted just like regular wooden objects.

RoHs compliant and tested for quality on our X3D range of 3D printers X3D Premium is the professional filament of choice. It also comes with a no fuss return or refund guarantee.


  • Smooth and Consistent Print
  • Extra Strong
  • High Impact Resistance Quality
  • No Harmful Additives and RoHS compliant
  • Consistent Quality from Reel to Reel
  • 800 gram roll

Printing Parameters

  • 190-220 C Extruder
  • Bed temp – not needed but some users prefer to set @ 50 C

The finished wood print will appear rough and similar to MDF. Usually, it can be post processed similar to PLA printed object to improve the printed objects.


Spool Size
Inner diameter 53.5mm
External diameter 200mm
Thickness 64mm


Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.


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