X3D Pro Low Odour Resin


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Super Low Odor, No Offensive Smell

X3D Pro Low Odour Resin offers high precision, fast curing times, low shrinkage rate, great detail and a smooth finish at a great price. What more could you want from a resin. 

This resin is able to achieve high precision and clear details while maintain great dimensional stability.it requires lower exposure time,fast curing speed.

Compatible Printer: DLP LCD printer Wavelength: 405nm LED UV

  • Super Low odor
  • Colors can be mixed for new colors
  • High detail prints
  • High hardness with tenacity

Technical Data

Flexural modulus:599.79 Mpa

Elongation at break:11.92%

Flexural strength :30.04 MPa

Hardness(Shore D):80-85 D

Hot deformation temp.:80℃

Glass transition temp.:100℃

Thermal expansion:95*E-6

Density:1.05—1.25 g/cm3

Tensile strength: 23.07MPa

Notched impact strength:77.83 J/M2

Tensile modulus:296.71 MPa



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