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Our Conductive ABS filament can be used for anti-static, dissipation or electric current conduction objects. It shares features similar to ABS and should be extruded around 210-250℃. A heated print-bed is needed to avoid warping or cracking of your printed object. Ideally to be printed in a well ventilated area.


  • Smooth and Consistent Print
  • Extra Strong
  • High Impact Resistance Quality
  • No Harmful Additives and RoHS compliant
  • Consistent Quality from Reel to Reel
  • 1kg roll


* Surface Resistivity
* Value 10(3-5)
* Unit Ω


Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.

Spool Size
Inner diameter 53.5mm
External diameter 200mm
Thickness 64mm


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