Reform rApollo - High Strength 1.75mm

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Color: Charcoal Grey
Size: 1.75 mm
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High Strength & Engineering Filament

Roll size 1kg

ReForm rApollo is likely to be the most sustainable ASA-based filament on the market.

This filament is completely made from renewed materials. There are no virgin fossil- or virgin natural resources used to make this engineering filament. The formulation of ReForm rApollo is exactly the same as for our ApolloX. One of the most used ASA-based filaments is now available as a more sustainable option. ReFom rApollo is UV and weather resistant and combines strength with heat resistance. It prints with high accuracy and fine detail.

ApolloX profiles are available on the Ultimaker Marketplace. ApolloX is an approved and validated partner material. ReForm rApollo prints with the exact same profile as ApolloX.

ReForm = Sustainability ↑ + Prices ↓
ReForm by FormFutura offers sustainable filaments made from renewed materials only. We have packaged our ReForm filaments in our most sustainable packaging ever. It is our goal to reduce not only our footprint, but also the retail prices. Sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand.

  • Renewed materials only, no virgin fossil- or virgin natural resources used.

  • All FormFutura packaging is 100% recyclable.

  • Spooled on sturdy recycled and FSC certified cardboard spools.

  • Packaged in recycled and climate neutral cardboard boxes.

  • Reform is the first filament range that is available on industrial-sized cardboard spools.

  • Unbeatable retail prices for high-end and sustainable filaments

General printing guidelines *

Nozzle size: ≥ 0.15mm Layer height: ≥ 0.1mm Adhesive: EasyFix Nr. I
Print temp: ± 235 - 255° C * Fan speed: 0 - 30% Experience level: Intermediate
Heat bed: ± 80 - 100° C * Enclosure: Yes, 25 - 30° C
  • Print temp: ± 235-255˚C
  • Heat bed: ± 80-90˚C
  • Print surface: Glass, Kapton tape, PET tape and EasyPad™

Filament length

  • 0.750 gms spool
    1.75mm ± 281m

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