3Diakon PMMA - 1.75mm


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Easy to 3D print than other PMMA filaments

Roll size 300gms

3Diakon PMMA by Mitsubishi Chemical is an extremely transparent 3D printer filament suitable for outdoor applications with excellent weathering, UV stability, impact performance, and stiffness.

 3Diakon PMMA is a lightweight filament that is easier to 3D print than other PMMA filaments and 3D printed objects can be made transparent through post-processing by sanding and/or polishing. 

Key features

  • Extremely transparent and glossy after postprocessing through sanding and polishing

  • Good UV resistance and weathering resistance

  • Strong and durable


  • Lighting applications

  • Outdoor applications

  • Optical applications

  • Architecture and design


  • Colour =¬†Clear
  • Filament Net Weight: 0.300 gm ¬Ī 2%
  • Print Temp = 244 ‚Äď 265 Degrees C
  • Heat Bed = 100 Degrees C
  • Fan Speed = 0
  • Nozzle Size - 0.4mm
  • Enclosure Recommended

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