Guider 2s Flexible Spring Sheet

Guider 2s Flexible Spring Sheet


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Using a flexible magnetic build plate has other advantages. For some more "stubborn" materials that don't adhere as well to glass, the textured build plate can be very effective. The textured surface allows for more surface area for the filament to grip onto the filament compared to the flat glass. More surface area means that the first layer has a better chance for the filament lock down the print.

Sometimes for some materials putting a small amount of glue-stick can secure the object on the plate. When the plate cools down, the object can then pop off the plate quite easily. The magnetic flexible plate allows you to take the entire plate off and bend it thereby popping the object off before needing to cool it down.

Please ensure you bend it within tolerances shown in the image above as the metal surface does have a yield point whereby a fold in the plate will be irreversible. 

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